Born out of the pure passion and desire to make sound 11 11 NATION began as an acoustic duo amidst the quiet hills of The Southern Highlands just out of Sydney.

Peruvian born producer Jorge Aparicio ( aka Fito) and costume designer/vocalist Tania D were destined to make music together.

Fito's creative unbridled drive and commitment would ensure the two would evolve into a fully fledged rock n roll band. With Matt Crawford on Bass and Andy Picker on drums coming along for the ride.

Stylistically 11 11 NATION have managed to successfully indulge in a diverse range of influences and ranging from blues, 70's classic rock, Glam/glitter rock, New wave and Synth -pop. But the truly defining characteristic of their music is derived from Fito's Andean heritage which often manifests itself in the form of driving guitar rhythms and layered sonic landscapes adding contrast and texture as well as an earthly element to this dynamic outfit.

The songs themselves have plenty of indie appeal with a retro aesthetic having a larger than life anthemic quality.Soulful lyrics with a social consciousness sung with purposeful intent add in some vintage rock theatrics and you have the perfect antidote to the mundane.

Their latest offering is ELECTRIC CIRCUS a volcanic eruption of emotion and pure rock n roll SPIRIT direct from the mothership straight to the HEART.

ELECTRIC CIRCUS was co- produced, recorded and mixed by Sydney Green @ Mononest studio.

"In a time of much chaos and confusion on the world stage music will always play an integral role in awakening the masses. Rock n roll was about rebellion and freedom this is our ethic, this is what we stand for liberation of humankind from the controlling influences on this on planet. It is far beyond entertainment. This is every artists mission " 

T D Vocalist 11 11 N








Vocals / Tania Doria
  Guitar / Jorge Aparicio Fito
Bass / Matt Crawford
Drums / Andy Picker