We are 11 11 NATION


11 11 Nation are an Australian band that was formed initially as a duo in Sydney in 2013. The band has Tania Doria on lead vocals, Jorge ‘Fito’ Aparicio on guitar, Matt Crawford on bass and Andy Picker on Drums. Tania and Fito welcomed Matt and Andy into the fold to help bring the distinct sound and style of 11 11 Nation to the world. Their debut album, Electric Circus is due for release in January 2017.
Tania and Fito are the artistic drive behind the band with Tania leading the lyrics while Fito leads the instrumentation as well as applying his skills and experience as a sound engineer and producer. Matt and Andy bring an eclectic blend of experience across musical styles to further enrich the sound of 11 11 Nation.
Contrasting musical and cultural backgrounds has served to be one of the greatest assets of this 11 11 N, weaving together elements of classic rock, glam rock, blues and new wave. The desire for harmony and unity on the planet is a driving force behind the song writing process with the intention to create inspiring  music that reflects our current times and beyond. 


Vocals / Tania Doria
  Guitar / Jorge Aparicio Fito
Bass / Matt Crawford
Drums / Andy Picker